Nokia 100 review

Nokia 100

The Nokia 100 is a very low budget phone with basic features. In the menu it has the Symbian Belle look and feel. The phone is extremely cheap.

Full specs here.

It comes in five different colors: legion blue, festival pink, ocean blue, phantom black and coral red.

A premium feature that the Nokia 100 has is the FM radio. It supports 500 phonebook entries and SMS. The phone also has a flashlight which is very useful sometimes.

The battery can reach up to 35 days in standby and 7 hours and 20 minutes in talk time. Overall with a moderate use it can last for about 7 days.

It comes with some preinstalled games. A 3.5mm jack is present so you can attach a headset and listen to radio.

The display has 1.8 inches, a resolution of 129 x 160 pixels and a pixel density of 114ppi. The phone measures 110 x 45.5 x 14.9mm and weighs 69.6 grams. The display is TFT and has 65k colors.

Overall the Nokia 100 is impressive for the people who want a simple with productive uses only. Check good deals for the Nokia 100 on


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