Alcatel OT-282, a phone for your grandparents

Alcatel OT-282

Launched in December 2011 the Alcatel OT-282 is the best phone for your grandparents.

Full specs here.

It has bright 1.8 inches display with a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels and a pixel density of 114ppi. It also has a 3.5mm jack in case your grandparents will listen to radio.

The phone can record calls and has a microUSB slot.  It has a 52 MHz processor. The keyboards buttons are big enough to be seen by an older person. When a button is pressed a vocal confirmation of the number is given. On the back of the phone you will see a heart shaped button. This is the SOS button. When it is pressed it calls and texts up to four contacts.

It comes in three different colors: white, seal brown and abyss. The battery has 1200 mAh and can keep the phone in standby for 700 hours and in talk time for 10 hours. At a moderate use I can last more than one week.

It measures 110 x 56.5 x 13.5mm and weighs 88 grams. It has polyphonic alerts with vibration. On the left side the phone has a dedicated radio button and the rocker volume keys. On the right side it has the lockscreen switch and the button which activated the LED light from the top of the phone.

The Alcatel OT-282 is an affordable option for those who need a very basic phone for making calls or to have it in case of emergencies, thanks to it SOS button. You can find deals for it on


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